Conversations, Determination
and Good Fortune
These are the new rules for business 

I'm Leila, Management Consultant and Business Psychologist, I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to set goals that make the most of opportunities

It's time to get lucky and create some good fortune for 2021


Scroll down to check out Behind the Visor, 2021 Goal Setting and for specialist digital services (also available on the G-Cloud framework).

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Small Business Owners

Coronovirus has introduced extra work for lots of salon, business, and shop owners, but what is going on behind the visors and facemasks?


  • Have you got time to invest in your people and team?

  • Do you have the right toolkit?

Behind the Visor is a brand new way to connect with your staff when time is short

Join me for a 3 hour online workshop

  • Learn how to prepare for staff meetings and appraisals

  • Make the most of online tools to help you get feedback when its needed

3 hour workshop packed with tips and techniques to help you get behind the visors and create meaningful conversations

  • Showing you how to prepare for staff 1:2:1's and team meetings 

  • How to prepare your team

  • Creative ways to run meeings and appraisals

  • How to actively listen and respond to staff concerns

Putting something off? 

Conversation starters and SOS sheets for those tricky conversations

See a real return in investment, good team conversations make your business more profitable

  • Spend less on recruitment

  • Retain the best of the best

Why not visit the Behind the Visor page to see all of my packages

This workshop is perfect for owners, managers and supervisors

  • Learn new skills

  • Refresh knowledge 

  • Find out how to save time with technology


No roleplay, this is a helping hand to find the right conversations for your business


Personal Development

The good news for 2021 is that there is an abundance of Good Fortune coming your way. 

Psychologists have proven that you don't need to be born lucky to get lucky. 

Register your interest for my 2021 Goal Magic Course and get a 10% OFF CODE when the course is bookable in November.

Determined to get the best out of 2021?

2021 Goals are all about opportunities and taking chances

My Goal Setting framework 'MAGIC' looks at the whole goal, the good, the bad, the opportunities.

The good news is that 2020 has prepared you for BIG change, lets see how we can turn that into Goal Magic for 2021

This workshop is perfect for anyone who needs a fresh look at their goal setting

  • Printable Goal Setting Workbook

  • How to seek out opportunities

  • Goal Monitoring for turbulent times


This workshop will be delivered online and face to face - register your interest and I'll send you the details to book on the course of your choice. 


Day Rates and Packages

Management Consultant and Business Psychologist. 

I understand the people, process and technology of business.

With over 20 years experience across multiple sectors I can help you to get the best from your people and projects.

I offer: 

  • Interim Management

  • Day Rate Consultancy 

  • Programme and Project Management

My specialist digital services are also available on the G Cloud Framework 



I create bespoke and branded workshops for corporate clients 

Moved your training online? 

I deliver 'train the trainer' sessions 

Facilitation and instruction techniques for existing trainers to adapt their delivery online

Get in touch for a free consultation

Be assured


I've programme managed BIG change including new software development, app development, automation and AI.

I am not phased

This is what my clients tell me. I am skilled in picking up in flight projects, problems and challenges.

I will review where you are, and where you need to be. 

Most importantly

I will implement a plan that delivers

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