Leila Ainge

Hi, I'm Leila a professional goal setter, manager of stuff and consultant to businesses

I have more than 20 years' experience in the management of IT and transformation business projects across many sectors sectors including engineering, utilities, telecoms, emergency services, local government and higher education.


I've got a passion for being curious and the ability to quickly get to the root of problems with creative thinking

How can I help you? 


  • Interim management if you have a capacity shortage and need a professional who will lead or support your established team, project or programme.

  • Business 'know how and goal setting' , retail, manufacturing, engineering,  professional services. I have strategies and hacks to support your business growth and turn your ideas into actionable goals.

  • You need to make changes, I understand change management and how to deliver results

  • You want creativity and tailored development exercises to build a strong and effective team as part of the assignment deliverables


What does a professional goal setter do? 

My typical client has lots to do and needs to know where the best place is to start to achieve their objectives. I help by carrying out competitor research, benchmarking, estimating tools to get them pitch perfect, ideas generation and creativity to move forward. Sometimes I will review a process, for example a supply chain, or a customer journey. I'm a curious analyst! 

Think of a goal setter as an extra head in your business, someone who will hit the ground running and give you alternative persepctives. 

What is Goal Magic? 

Goal Magic is my unique goal setting framework, it runs as a one day workshop for teams to establish high performance goals

I deliver online modules, how to take action and how to plan 

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