• Leila Ainge

Are you drifting?

We are built to drift!

Daydreaming is our brains effective and efficient way of problem solving, it’s an extreme form of drifting.

Distraction on the other hand can be used by our brain as a coping mechanism to handle strong emotions - it’s a healthy response, a chance to pause until the emotion dissipates. This is why anxiety can be managed with distraction counting or focusing on breathing.

Its useful to think about those things that interrupt our thought- notifications or loud noises, and the thoughts we have that interrupt what we are doing, this is what we call drifting.

Drifting can be used creatively by our brains to pick up on cues, to be mindful, and take us into a moment of reflection or task switching.

It makes sense then, that understanding the difference between things that interrupt our thought, and the thoughts we have that interrupt what we are doing, can help us with goal accomplishment and procrastination.

One of the techniques I use with coaching clients gets right to the heart of procrastination by focusing on distraction types- it’s surprising how often we see distraction itself as a negative thing.

Knowing when to apply focus and learning to use distraction are game changers

Do you drift?





Leila is a business psychologist with 20 years of cross industry consulting experience.

She helps people to understand human behaviours and difference and how they contribute to success.

With a natural skill to identify nuance, she combines curiosity and passion for learning to bring unique insights and perspectives to client challenges.

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