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Conference Cool

Are you video conference cool? ⁠

You are most likely using a combination of solutions, dependent on what you and your clients prefer or have paid for.

Building digital confidence across multiple solutions does not have to be daunting, invest 10 minutes of your week watching a youtube training video on a conferencing tool and you will take away something that you didn't know before. ⁠

Roadmaps (the new features being developed) are available for all the big solutions online. Zoom publish theirs in a trello board, Microsoft send out communications to subscribers and webex has a section on their website with planned changes. ⁠

Here's our roundup of the latest Video Conferencing features and news, if there’s a conferencing solution you use not featured here, get in touch and I will include in next months round up.


Zoom- Release 5.0 is now available and comes with additional Security Enhancements. If you use Zoom for your business check you are on the latest version.

Using Microsoft Outlook and Zoom? The Zoom Plugin for Outlook installs a button on the Microsoft Outlook tool bar to enable you to start or schedule a meeting with one-click. Head to the Download Center


Cisco have upgraded what’s available in their free Webex plan (there’s no information when this will end!) but if you are enjoying the product and want access to more features, ( additional hosts/rooms) they have a promotion on their eCommerce Paid Offers code wecare2020 gives you one month free (pay monthly) or 4 months free (annual) Compare plans here

Are you using the Webex whiteboard feature yet? It is available when you start the call from Webex Teams. This is a great feature if you want to upload a file and annotate or make notes during the meeting. More information Here

Microsoft Skype- personal use

Add your own backgrounds, share files directly from your computer (now available for Mac)

Microsoft Teams

It is probably easier to list the things that are not changing in Teams, Microsoft are undoubtedly raising their game and rolling out lots of feature enhancements for the video conferencing element of their collaboration tool during the Lockdown.

Things that have caught my eye

· Increasing the number of participants shown on the stage to 9

· Download a participant report (sometime in May)

· Ability to screen share from a chat (early May)

I use the chat feature heavily and currently use a snip tool to send images and prompts for training/coaching sessions. The ability to share screen in a chat, will be great. Head to microsoft online videos for tips

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