• Leila Ainge

Five things you need to know about Productivity and Presence

Hands up if you have an online work system where you can see who is online and who isn't 🙌🏻⁠

Microsoft Teams is one example where online Presence is part of the user profile and lets other workers know if someone is available, and what their status is. It's undoubtedly super helpful.⁠

BUT, with great power comes great responsibility... online presence is synonymous with productivity, but it doesn't have to be that way.⁠


Here's the five things you need to know about Presence and Productivity.⁠

💻You know yourself better than anyone, maybe you are more productive in the morning or the evening, build your key activities around your 'productive' time.⁠

💻 Managing your online notifiications is just as important as creating boundaries with colleagues who talk too much, or family members who interupt your 'working from home' time. 💻Taking time to read, reflectm solve problems or be creative is important, being fully engaged and present in those activities can mean being offline. ⁠

💻The urge to multi task during video conferencing is HUGE, this is the time to be present, it's better for your brain and is also just good manners. ⁠

💻Working from home doesn't make you more or less productive than your colleagues, good habits make you productive.⁠


Your online presence isn't an indicator of your productivity, it's  the modern day equivalent of 'staying late', switching off, muting and logging off are all a healthy part of your productivity toolkit. ⁠

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