In it for the long run

There's something incredibly special about going on an adventure, running 100km across for two days along the South Downs as part of the ultra event Race to the Stones is no exception!

Training for an ultra event is very similar to following a couch to 5k plan. I like to think of it as 25% training plan, 25% testing out what kit works, I'm always on the hunt for good socks! 25% on getting the right fuel or hydration, and the final 25% is ALL about mindset.

The biggest difference between Couch to 5k and ultra trainng plans is the solitary training, and this is where I've founf the real endurance training begins. Enduring hours on your feet, with your own thoughts requires the skills of a positive mindest.

So what goes into the mindset of an Ultra Runner?

Watch my latest ponder to find out!

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