• Leila Ainge

In it for the long run

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

There's something incredibly special about going on an adventure, and for me, this could be trips across europe on a touring motorbike, cycling across Yorkshire, running 100km across for two days along the South Downs or embarking on a Masters course in the middle of a pandemic.

What's the appeal? I love the structured part of adventure planning and preparation, but it's the unknown that is a real draw for me. It's difficult to say what you will take from an adventure, the experience is going to be unique and the growth that comes from this is really special.

Adventure psychology is a relatively new research area, it brings together Post Traumatic Growth, Resilience and Optimism. It's less about finding peak conditions, a topic that Sports Psychology dominates, but more about how we flourish despite less than perfect conditions.

Adventure psychology can provide tools to help the ordinary achieve the extraordinary in life and in business. I see parallels between the motives of the solo expeditioner and the entrepeneurs and business owners I work with, for example the desire for achievement & sense of self-discovery and testing personal limits*.

We can drawn upon adventure psychology to think about mindset and our framing of choices. My blog here discusses the power of possibility in post traumatic growth , in the video below I review my own experience of resilience whilst competing in an ultra running event, and how framing of options and mindset can help us negotiate better.


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