• Leila Ainge

Lessons from the Greatest Showman and the 5 types of fear that hold you back

If fear is holding you back, or you have a niggling feeling that you are not good enough, this Pavilion Ponder is for you.

I want you to imagine for a minute, what it would be like to have a Hugh Jackman sized dream and refusal to give up.

Success isn't easy, straightforward or immediate in the Greatest Showman, there are failures along the way. What the Greatest Showman teaches us about fear is that it stops us going for what we really want, and things we can achieve.

If you didn't fear failure what would you do?

Identifying fear as a source of self-sabotage in my own goals was a turning point in my own career. It was literally holding me back from the work I love. In this Pavilion Ponder I talk about Imposter Syndrome fear of failure, and anti fraud techniques.

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