• Leila Ainge

Pavilion Ponder No. 7 Interruptions

💫Parents: I have empirical evidence that trying to do anything with kids takes a 1/3rd longer. School Holidays are here and its' interruption central 💫In this weeks Pavilion Ponder I'm talking about multi-tasking, focus and interruptions. How attentive are you on tasks and what can you do to reduce interruption when you do get quality time to work? 💫I'm drawing on a Transformation technique I use with clients to identify the tasks businesses should value, and spend most time on 💫Do you use Microsoft Outlook? There's a free tutorial on the home page of my site www.aingeconsulting.co.uk for Quick Steps a nifty way to automate those interruptions away #Interruptions #Automation #schoolholidays

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