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Standing Out

You don't have to stand out on Instagram*, and that's something I can relate to as a Management Consultant, providing specialist advice, delivering tough messages, coaching people to be the change they want to see and riding the change curve over, and over, and over again! It's a stand out job, where the challenge is knowing when to blend in, and when to stand out.

My stand out qualities are about being passionate, confident, assertive and ready to adapt, my blend in qualities are about being consistent, empathic and kind and I'm applying them to Instagram, as an opportunity to make connections with other businesses, to seek inspiration, learn and experiment with content creation.

I'm (fortunately) busy delivering a Digital Transformation Programme with a public sector client and I've not had to rush to turn Goal Magic into a digital or online product to pay my mortgage. Delivering workshops and training is a real passion area for me, it's all about the interaction and feedback, so finding the right platform that I can use for a blended face to face/virtual experience has been really important to me. Watch this space!

Standing out and developing your business during COVID isn't easy when you have paid work and childcare thrown into the mix, in fact over the last week I haven't posted much at all. Most of the planned content I'd created pre COVID had been posted and each night I sat down after dinner exhasuted, and that's not a good time to create content!

Instragram might not be a selling platform for me right now, but it is where the people who I want to work and collaborate with hang out... it's a long term investment and opportunity and somewhere I am actively blending in.

Here's how I'm standing out and blending in.

  • I have confidence in my business plan and products, I don't need to rush to create online services that are 'not quite right'

  • I try to post most days, but the quality of the posting is the consistent theme

  • I'm growing my online presence 'organically' , in real terms this is slowly and purposefully. I enjoy the interaction with my followers.

  • I'm learning and I've found time to create a mailing list for my new Newsletter (link opens in new window) First twenty UK subscribers receive a free bath bomb

  • I'm ready to adapt, I have time to create the products and services I want to sell, and I'm ready to shift gear when Its the right time. COVID is not the right time for me.

  • I'm passionate about what I do, and I'm enjoying sharing content with my audience in a vibrant, fresh and visual way

*Obviously standing out for the right reasons is a very good (and efficient) way to sell stuff, and make money. Curating a grid has become a creative outlet for me. Instagram is whatever YOU need it to be. Enjoy!

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