• Leila Ainge

the dark side of flow

Flow is risky business

The fact that we chase optimum flow for the activities we love and enjoy is part of our belief that flow is good state to be in.

Of course, it’s more nuanced than that. We chase flow because once we’ve experienced it our reward system seeks it out again, and again. Flow is appealing because it allows us to transcend or disassociate from what is happening around us.

Some psychologists disagree w ith the theory that flow is an optimum state though.

Flow does have a dark side, it encourages risky behaviour- one theory is that the lack of self consciousness that happens when we are in a state of flow, also contributes to our disregard of danger ⚠️

A quick review of the research into online gaming, surfing, and gym goers shows links between flow, risky behaviours and addiction.

The surprising psychology of flow is that it’s not just about happiness.

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