• Leila Ainge

Why knitting can help you make better decisions

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

You’ll make an estimated 35,000 choices today, so take the hassle out of the big decisions with some game changing tips.

1. Feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Generate more options by seeking out novel experiences. Change your working environment, read a new book or try a new activity. The experience of doing something novel and new will broaden your focus and encourage news ideas.

You don’t have to skydive or take up a new hobby to experience the thrill of a new experience though, personal growth through new experiences can be nurtured through a simple daily writing task

2. Worried about making the wrong decision?

Analysis Paralysis can happen we have too many choices or fear the consequences of the choice we might make. Next time you have a difficult decision to make do something with your hands you can complete easily. Give your brain some positive feedback from task accomplishment to nudge your mindset in the right direction.

As well as firing up your reward centre HQ studies on doodling and knitting have shown that engaging in physical activties supports thinking and expression

3. Avoiding asking for opinions?

If it helps, think about asking other people as perspective taking rather than looking for the right answer. Holding space for debate is another way to generate creative options for those complex or tricky decisions.

If you enjoy knitting, it probably will help you make better decisions

1. seek novel experiences 2. use your hands 3. share your problems

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