Are we addicted to our smart phones?

People are ditching their smart phones,  but on what basis, and can we trust our own estimates of the time we spend online.

Is it time to rethink smartphone addiction?

What kind of feedback do you really need?

If the thought of feedback makes you cringe, here's a video on the three types of feedback. With hints and tips on how to ask for the feedback you really need, without it making you feel nervous. 

Ways to reframe your goals when you have Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome shows up in different ways, here are some reframes to use around your goalsetting

Do you boast?

What actually happens when we share our successes with other people? the results might surprise you.

What's reallg going on in your brain when you think that you 'can't' do something?

A short video about growth mindsets based on Carol Dwecks research

Stuck in a rut? 

A short video that takes you through ways to 'take action' on your goals when you are feeling stuck